Shared Ministry Evaluation - Calvary Church of the Brethren

On January 1, 2017, we began implementing a different way of doing things here at Calvary COB. We called it the shared ministry program and the intent was and is to use all of the gifts in the body here at Calvary to further the kingdom of God. The shared ministry is not just the three pastors currently serving on the ministry team but rather all of us working together in varying degrees. The purpose of this survey is to gauge how this new way of doing things is working. It is not to evaluate any one individual although you are free to comment on individuals in Parts II and III if you are so led. The following topics and essay questions will be used by the ministerial committee to evaluate the current shared ministry program here at Calvary Church of the Brethren.

The following is the rating scale to be used to evaluate the topics in Part I below:

A Excellent

B Good

C Average, may be room for improvement

D Not so good, could use some improvement

E Poor, definitely needs significant attention

NA Not applicable, unknown, no opinion

Part I: Please evaluate the Shared Ministry Program on the following topics using the scale above. Please use the drop down menu to rate your response.

Part II: Your thoughts and suggestions. Please respond below with encouraging affirmation or constructive suggestions for improvement.

Part IV: Demographics: Please only fill out this section if you are comfortable with it. This information is not to try to identify you rather it is to help tailor our response to this survey. For example, if we get a number of similar comments from one particular demographic group it could help point out areas of concern.

Thank you for your efforts to provide this information. It is our sincere desire that our ministry here at Calvary be all that God intends it to be as we equip each other to fulfill the Great Commission. Please verify using the re-CAPTCHA (you stay anonymous to the pastoral staff, the office and the ministerial committee) and click submit.