Trail Life is an outdoor adventure program that is designed to help a trailman to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. It is the Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts. It is with a Traditional Christian World View, we desire to educate future young men to have a life that is honorable, a Faith that is real and a "Walk that is Worthy". 

Trail Life USA's main webpage can be accessed by clicking on the Trail Life Emblem below

For safety, we have locked down the photos. If you wish to see pictures, please E-Mail the troop. Once you have the password, please click here

Please note: ONLY registered family can have the access to this secured site. The password itself is also changed frequently so as to maintain security. Please respect the privacy of the other troop members and their families and do not distribute or share photos of anyone else. 


1. If you have signed up to help be a registered leader, please note three things

     A. If you have not signed the doctrinal standard, please ask Jonathan or Wolf for a copy.

     B. If you have not received our policy and procedure manual, please ask Jonathan or Wolf

     C. If you have not been placed in a group to help, please see Jonathan

2. One sign up sheet

        A. Brethren Woods: Limited space! Attendance will work toward or fully accomplish several branches. Room for 44 attendees. Cost: $45/head. Please see the       

          handout or email the troop for information

3. Fundraiser Information:

      A. Please see announcements printout in the back

      B. Fundraiser runs through February 26th (all money is due this day) 

      C. All funds will go for 

            1. Troop Trailer (storing and hauling gear)

            2. Future camp-out Costs (supplies/food)

            3. Activity supplies (Meeting supplies/Teaching material/Awards) 

            4. Help fund scholarships for all units sold

            5. Please keep track of your sales for the scholarship calculations

      D. Please pick up your catalog and any medic kits you wish to sell right away. Any sales for Medic Kits we do not have will be ordered when we receive the


4. Friendly Reminder: TLUSA has increased their program fee.

      A. We are asking $20 from each Trailman to help offset this unexpected cost. 

      B. Through our fundraiser we are hoping we can raise enough funds so we will not need to increase our fee and our operational budget will cover any future


       C. If this causes a hardship, there are scholarships available through the fundraisers

5. Two exciting things coming! No Spoiler for one...sorry :)!

      A. We are working on two new awards that can be earned and increase the Trailman's ability and knowledge

      B. We are going to look at establishing the Calvary Chipmunks!

            1. This will be for ages 2-4 and for both boys and girls

            2. We are looking at having members from Calvary help be the representatives from the church

            3. There will be a sign up sheet for this program when it starts

                 a. Every parent who has their child in the chipmunks is asked to sign up to help take a shift

                 b. The more children in the program, the longer between shifts

                 c. All parents and staff MUST UNDERGO A BACKGROUND CHECK. Please see Jonathan on that procedure

                 d. This is a free program

                 e. If a parent is a registered leader for Trail Life or American Heritage Girls, this qualifies as an exemption to #1 

                 f. More info will be made available as we get closer


UPCOMING EVENTS (Please click on the dates in the calendar for more details) 

1.March 22nd - TLUSA Laser Tag Night - Info will follow

2. April 26-27th - Tentative camp-out at the Isaac Walton League in WV

3. May 3rd-4th - Car parking Fundraiser: More info will follow

4. May 14th - Bike Repair class. Please feel free to bring any bike that needs repaired and we will teach basic repair skills

5. June 14-16th - Trail Life Camp-out at Brethren Wood.  Please see #2B above.

6. July - Tentative Regional camp-out with other troops in our Region. More info will follow.