Trail Life is an outdoor adventure program that is designed to help a trailman to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. It is the Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts. It is with a Traditional Christian World View, we desire to educate future young men to have a life that is honorable, a Faith that is real and a "Walk that is Worthy". 

Trail Life USA's main webpage can be accessed by clicking on the Trail Life Emblem below

For safety, we have locked down the photos. If you wish to see pictures, please E-Mail the troop. Once you have the password, please click here

Please note: ONLY registered family can have the access to this secured site. The password itself is also changed frequently so as to maintain security. Please respect the privacy of the other troop members and their families and do not distribute or share photos of anyone else. 


1. New Navigators and Adventurers who have earned their joining award also are able to purchase their troop standard. They are $48/ea (sold at our cost). 

2. COST UPDATE: There is a program fee charge for each boy. We will cover it for this year but if we can have help for next year, that would be a great help. The cost is $20/Trailman. 

3. If you have signed up to help lead and have not been put into a place, please see Jonathan.

4. Two sign up sheets in the BACK!!!!

       A. First is for Brethren Woods. Space is limited, so if you wish to go and be part of this activity, please sign up ASAP! Enough room for 33 more. Cost is             


       B. Second is for our swimming badge work in January. There are enough slots for everyone to sign up that wishes to go. It is indoors and we will have swimming

            instructors that will run the class. Depending on how many sign up, we will either have two- 30 minute classes or 1 – 1 hour class but have to different class

            days.Please feel free to sign up and the second day will be announced.

3. Please double check with the calendar above for all of our events. We really wish to have full team attendance to as many as we can have. 

UPCOMING EVENTS (Please click on the dates in the calendar for more details) 

December 11th - Troop Christmas Party

3. December 14th - Service Project

4. January 8th - We will have a rehearsal for our award ceremony

5. January 18th - 1st class for our Swimming badges (Please see note 4B above)

6. January 22nd - Award Ceremony.

7. June 14-16th - Trail Life Campout at Brethren Wood.