Trail Life is an outdoor adventure program that is designed to help a trailman to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. It is the Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts. It is with a Traditional Christian World View, we desire to educate future young men to have a life that is honorable, a Faith that is real and a "Walk that is Worthy".

Trail Life USA's main webpage can be accessed by clicking on the Trail Life Emblem below

For safety, we have locked down the photos. If you wish to see pictures, please E-Mail the troop. Once you have the password, please click on the button below.

Please note: ONLY registered family can have the access to this secured site. The password itself is also changed frequently so as to maintain security. Please respect the privacy of the other troop members and their families and do not distribute or share photos of anyone else. 


We are done until August 13th! Good job on the hardwork to all the Trailmen and we look forward to having you back starting our next year! Please note the upcoming event below. Have a great and safe summer. 

UPCOMING EVENTS (Please click on the dates in the calendar for more details) 

  1. August 6th @ 6PM - All Father's and leaders meeting. We want to encourage all fathers to come to this meeting as this will help us in our planning session for our yearly calendar which will take place with the AHG leadership. 
    1. Please bring any activities you may wish to see if we can get into the calendar
    2. Please bring any suggestions as to how or what we can do better this new year
    3. Please know that we will try to do all that we can to fit everything in that we can. However, due to time and abilities, we may have to put some activities on hold for the next year.