At this time, you may be feeling alone, scared, hopeless. What do you do? Where do you go? God in Heaven, is wanting to reach out to you and to let you know that you are loved. There is hope. There is peace. There is a future. We as a church are praying for you, but we do wish to give you direction to receive help. Below are some ministries that are not just able but WANTING to help you in your moment of need. Please click on the links and reach out to them. Help is only a call away. If we, here at the church, can pray for you, please let us know either by call or email. your information will remain completely anonymous. 

AbbaCare is a pregnancy resource center. It is a blessing to have them as part of our faith community. Here are two links.

The top link is if help is needed.

The bottom link is if there is a desire to donate and be a help.

Please chose the link that fits best and it will direct you to the correct site.