Whether it is in the deserts or jungles. Whether they be high in the mountains or low in the valleys. Whether they are well known or unknown. These men, women, and families are unsung heroes. For many, they depart from all they know, not for their own sake but for the sake of the souls of many whom they have never met before. Some, depart, never to return again. Most missionaries work for very little in the way of physical gain but they store up a treasure trove in the Heavenly places. Whether they are here in the states, or abroad, we commend and honor your sacrifice, service and ministry.

These organizations aid them in their mission by keeping their supporters updated, helping with transitions to and from the field and also being there when all others are unable.  While there are many missionary organizations, these have the doctrines that closely align with our faith here at Calvary. As we learn of others, we may add them. Take time to look at these groups, pray for their missionaries and if the Lord leads you, support them. If you really feel led, maybe God is calling you to be on the mission field. Reach out to these organizations and prayerfully consider that calling on your life. 

Please note: Some of these logos are also found in other pages. That is because they do more than just one or two things.