Ministries are outside arms of the local church. We are endeavoring to compile the best of ministries, both local and international, for all to engage with the work of the Kingdom. The selection of these ministries are based on their published doctrinal stand as well as their commitment to the truth. We may add or remove any ministry, based on their doctrinal standards, adherence to the Scriptures and their proclamation of the truth.

To see the ministries, click on the headings below and then click on the logo to go to the main site. Calvary may or may not agree with all of the statements and Calvary Church of the Brethren bases, or desires to base, all of our beliefs and practice of faith on the Scriptures. We urge everyone who visits these ministries to always base everything on Scripture.

Please see the work that is being done to further the work of the Kingdom of Christ in this world. Pray for them. Read about them. If the Lord leads, support them. Even prayerfully consider if God would have you personally become involved with these ministries.

Each logo is used either by permission or has a free to use license. All Logos are copy written by their respective organizations and all rights are reserved. If permission is not obtained or the logo is unavailable, we will set up a button to link to these ministries.

If you have any questions or have a problem with a logo link, please feel free to reach out to us here and we will try to respond as quickly as we can. God bless. 

There is a great resource for reviewing many different ministries. As Christians it is important for us to know how our money is being used by those ministries that we support. A great resource to see this is Charity Navigator. It rates charities and Christian organizations on several different criteria and shows how donations are used in that organization. This allows us as believers to be wise stewards of the financial resources that God has given us. Charity Navigator is not a "Christian" organization, however, they do desire to hold all charities to a high standard of practice.