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The Book of Mark

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Final Fundraiser Sale:

Saturday April 21st - 9 to Noon

Proceeds go to support Trail Life and American Heritage Girls troops. 
                    Flower options available: 



Dusty Miller








Snap Dragons



April 22nd - Troop Sunday at Calvary

         This event will give the church an opportunity to meet with the troops and come along side us in prayer. Below will be the schedule we are looking at following for this Sunday. There will be NO Sunday School this day.

9:20 AM – Troops meet in Fellowship Hall

9:45 – 10:20 AM – Fellowship and visiting 

10:20 AM – Church and parents are dismissed to go into the sanctuary

10:30 - Church's Prelude plays

10:35 AM – Troops march into sanctuary with flags to the front

10:40 AM – All troops will sit in reserved rows

10:40- 11:00 – Wolf and Brenda's one to two minute intro and Willie’s Devotional

11:00-11:05 – Troops stand in front and Church and church leaders pray

11:05 – Troops are dismissed to the rear of the church and the flags are then put away. The troops will return to the Sanctuary. 

11:05 – Resume regular services with announcements and prayer.

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