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(Below we have the questions that have been submitted to us and have prayerfully considered and answered them. If you have further questions, please feel free to submit those and we will get the answer posted. God bless.) 

Q: Why don't we have a cross in front of the pulpit?

A: I see the cross and I remember the tremendous price Jesus paid for my sin. When I see the cross in many churches I see polished wood, brass or other beautiful materials and they are pretty. There was nothing "pretty" about the cross, it was an ugly thing. I see the cross displayed around people‚Äôs neck, tattooed on their bodies, or worn on their clothing and I wonder if they understand what it stands for.

When I see the evidence of the cross displayed through the life and lifestyle of a born-again child of God I am reminded of the true nature of what the cross represents to a world desperately needing His love.

                I am not opposed to a cross in our church. I just want it to convey a true message of what it represents not6 only in our message, but in our lives inside and outside our facilities.

 At the Cross

Chuck Davis

A: As we think about the cross, we realize the work that was accomplished on it. It is a symbol, a place where our very sins were nailed and covered by the blood of Jesus. It has been tradition of the Brethren (as far as I myself have seen and studied) to live without anything that could possibly become an idol. The bronze snake, which was made in the wilderness, was worshiped and eventually destroyed to keep from being so (2 Kings 18:4). This may be the reason the cross was never up in the Sanctuary from the beginning.

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