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Important Announcements:

Attention Parents of School Children:

Schools are starting up, some in person, some virtual. If you find yourself at a loss wondering how to set up and run a home education program, please know you are not alone. Many families have gone through this and know the fear, the intimidation, and the concern. 

You have our prayers. 

But more than that, you also have a willing ear that is ready to listen to you and answer questions. You do not have to face this new structure alone. We are not legal advisors, but just parents who are ready and willing to help you give your children a solid, educational foundation to build their life. 

If you are in need of prayer, practical advice, or moral support, please reach out to us. You are not alone. 

Update for VA:

July 1st, 2020, Virginia will be entering stage 3. We are excited about this and below the guidelines for business and organizations are found. Please keep praying that God will move the hearts of our leaders and we will be open very soon. 

This is the operating guidelines that we are using for coming to church. If you have any questions on this, please let us know. God bless. 

On July 1, 2020, Virginia will enter phase three. If you wish to review the guidelines, you may see the guidelines here:

Pastor Davis' funeral recording had been asked for by a few and there is great appreciation for everyone's patience in posting it up. The video has been uploaded but will be moved or deleted at the family's request. We do appreciate your understanding in this as we seek to honour the families privacy and feelings. 

The other two videos below are his last two messages delivered here at Calvary. May they be a blessing to you. 

These are some of the ministries that we operate a chapter of or participate in. Please click on the logo to learn more. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church. Thank you and God bless. 

If you are requesting to help here at the church (for VBS, Sunday School or some other ministry) please use the button to the right for a background check. 

If you need the password, please contact Carmen at the office and she will get the password to you. Thank you. 

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